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Branded QR Solutions

For companies in need of specific QR solutions we offer tags with company specific design and possibly modified or additional functionality compared to Deeple's standard products. Typical purposes of such solutions could be marketing or internal branding. In order to accomodate such extended needs we have created the concept CONNECTED by Deeple®

Deeple Giveaways

Giving out marketing promotional items is a great way to keep your company name in front of existing and potential customers.

Whether giveaway is your company advertisement strategy or not, prospects love giveaways and the more special, the better.

Deeple is offering the Deeple Lost & Found tags as a giveaway item, with personalization capabilities such as: company logo, web address and a tag line.

Lost & Found tags are a unique giveaway, which is associated with helping others.


Branding possibilities


The Deeple Lost & Found service can be customized in multiple ways to fit the needs of external brands and business customers.


QR-Tags can be customized according to the customer brand and application, including logo and/or other special graphics. Or the Lost & Found functionality can be embedded into existing products, such as luggage tags, customer loyalty cards, suitcases and other items that are often lost while owners are out in the public.


The graphical style used on the physical QR-Tag can be continued online, so that owners and finders will stay within the brand universe when registering ownership or informing about about a find item. The online experience can also be extended with additional case-specific functionality. such as links to existing online resources of the brand, marketing material, customer support links etc.

For an example of online customization, please visit http://ms.deeple.com

Conected By Deeple - example

Some of our Cases

Cases - examples


- Brand your corporate name with "helping others"

- Stand out from competitors who are using standard giveaway products

- Constant brand exposure via tags attached to customer’s important items

- Long shelf-life and daily usage of tags to increase brand awareness

- Associate your company name with intelligent & thoughtful products

- Great way to generate loads of goodwill

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