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Thank you for choosing Deeple!

Your use of Deeple services is governed by the following Terms and Conditions. Please note them carefully.

The Deeple Lost&Found service

Deeple provides a service for registration of your personal property and for communication between you and the finders of your lost property items. This service comprises a web site and individualized QR tags to be attached to your items. Via these tags finders of your tagged items are encouraged to contact you via the communication features on the Deeple web site.


You may register an account with Deeple by entering a (call-) name, a valid email address and by choosing a password. Once your account is set up, you may access it at any time by logging in using your email address and password. Please note that the identification of owner service will work only when finders are able to reach you and therefore we encourage that you make sure that your email address registered with Deeple is checked regularly, and to make sure that notifications from Deeple are not caught in your spam filter.

Deeple tags are designed for the kind of usage described for each tag product. Provided a tag is used correctly we do not expect it to wear out earlier than the item it was designed for. However, the lifetime of Deeple tags also depends on a number of factors outside our control, including the properties of the surface of the item as well as other issues such as wear and tear, humidity, light, variation in temperatures and chemicals. That is why we cannot warrant the lifetime of tags nor that tags may be removed without this leaving traces on the surface where the tag was attached.

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of can be found on this URL:

In order to limit the amount of personal information handled by Deeple we encourage users to use call names and email addresses that will not identify the user directly (e.g. a purpose-specific call name and email address that will forward messages to your real email address). Further we encourage users not to give away other kinds of personal or sensible information while using the Deeple service.


The service will be working for each individual tag from the moment the tag has been activated at your Deeple account. Some tags are sold with a time-limited lost&found service period included, wheras others are sold without such a limitation. No fees or other forms of charges apply for setting up an account with Deeple. Service fees for prolonging the Deeple Lost & Found Service can occur for time-limited tags. The user will be informed beforehand and have to confirm such service fees specifically.

At a future point Deeple may offer a number of services in addition to its email based lost & found service. Such additional services may involve charges, but in no event will account holders be charged unless they have given their express consent and acceptance of any such additional services.

Be aware that for privacy policy compliance reasons personal information will only be stored for a limited period of time by Deeple. Please see section “Privacy Policy” for details.


Property rights

All rights to the service are the property of Deeple. These rights include immaterial rights such as, but not limited to software copyrights, the right in the registered trademark DEEPLE and any other right associated with products and services of Deeple.

As a user of Deeple you retain a non-perpetual, non-exclusive right to make use of the service and you are not authorized to copy, change or amend, decrypt, decompile, reverse engineer or to use the service in any manner other than as authorized by Deeple.

Maintenance and amendments

Deeple shall be entitled to change or amend the service, including removal of existing or addition of new features.

We constantly work on maintaining and improving the service. From time to time this work might cause interruptions to the functioning of the service. Any planned service interruptions will be advertised in advance on our web site.

Deeple cannot warrant its service to be accessible without any interruption.

Payment security

All transfer of data in the payment system are encrypted via SSL and the handling of credit or debit card data is made in accordance with the guidelines published by Danish and international card issuers. Deeple is not involved and does not store your credit card data in connection with the payment process.


Deeple may release newsletters and other forms of electronic mail circulations about products or services of Deeple associated with the product and service that you are already using. You may unsubscribe from receiving such newsletters at any time and at no cost.

Relations to finders

Using the Deeple service shall not interfere with any legal relation between owner and finder, and accordingly, Deeple declines any involvement or liability in relation to prevailing legislation on lost property, including a possible finder’s fee.

Deeple works on the basis of the integrity of finders and their willingness to help, and regardless whether the law entitles the finder to a finder’s fee we encourage you to show your gratitude to the finder when receiving back your lost items.

Liability of user

As a user of the Deeple service you are responsible for any use of the service made through your account.

In the event you would notice a breach of security such as a misuse of your account, you must notify Deeple immediately ( Your password should be kept secret and in order to protect your account you must change it should you suspect others to have learned it.

It is your responsibility to make sure not to leave information with finders that may represent a threat to you or your belongings. This applies both when you are making entries on the Deeple web site – i.e. in the field “Message to Finders” and in general if you communicate with a finder through email or phone.


Liability of Deeple

Deeple disclaims any liability in respect of temporary interruption of the service, tagged items not returned to the owner or the condition of returned goods or the acts or omissions of any finder of tagged goods. Deeple does not police the communication between finder and owner made through the service and any liability in respect of this communication is declined. Responsibility for communication content shall rest with the party who submitted the communication.

Deeple is not responsible for any unintended submission of data. Deeple is not responsible for lost property being handed over to other persons but the rightful owner, or for the legal determination of the rightful owner or for any use of the service which is not in accordance with the purpose for which the Deeple system was built. Specifically Deeple disclaims any and all liability for any indirect loss or consequential damage, such as, but not limited to: loss of profits or goodwill.

Force Majeure

Deeple disclaims any liability arising out of its failure to comply with these terms and conditions attributable to force majeure or similar circumstances which cannot be prevented in spite of its reasonable efforts. This includes acts beyond its control, including, but not limited to, acts of God, fires, floods, wars, pandemics and disease outbreaks, civil wars, sabotage, computer virus or hacking attack, strikes, governmental laws, ordinances rules or regulations or failure of third party delivery.


You may terminate your Deeple account at any time by mailing to this effect to

Upon receipt of your notice we shall unregister your account as soon as possible and in no event later than 30 days following receipt of notice.

Deeple may terminate your account subject to 3 months prior notice; in no event however earlier than 1 year after your latest purchase of tags or other products. Upon termination of the account you are required to remove the tags from your items.

Deeple reserves the right to change these terms and conditions if and to the extent deemed necessary by Deeple in order to preserve or protect the service or to establish the framework for any additional services that Deeple may introduce.


Deeple may terminate your account with no prior notice if we have reason to believe that you are in breach of these terms and conditions, applicable laws or third party rights or in the event of any other form of abuse of your account. Deeple shall be entitled to remove any such content which it deems offensive.


You are welcome to transfer ownership to your Deeple tags to others as part of disposal of your items. Should the assignee wish to make use of the Deeple service he or she shall be welcome to establish a Deeple account and in this connection to accept these terms and conditions for use of our services.

Your account is personal and you cannot assign it.

Deeple remains entitled to assign its rights and obligations under these terms and conditions in whole or in part.

Limited rights of return

According to the Danish Act on consumer purchasing via the internet you are entitled to cancel your purchase in accordance with article 19 of the said act.

In relation to a purchase of access to the service in Active mode the statutory right of cancellation shall cease once the access period commences. If the access is purchased as part of the purchase of tags the statutory cancellation right shall expire together with expire of the statutory cancellation period applicable for the purchase of tags.

In respect of the purchase of products the statutory cancellation period is 14 days. If for example you receive the products on the 3rd of a calendar month, the cancellation period runs to and including the 17th of such month. If the cancellation period expires on a bank holiday, you may cancel on the following day.

The cancellation period runs as of the day you received the products. The period shall not expire until you have received information as to your cancellation right and the products in writing (including on email). Notwithstanding the foregoing the cancellation period will expire 3 months after your receipt of the products.

You must return the products to Deeple before expire of the cancellation period. In this respect, your handover to the postal service or to any other mail delivery operator. We encourage that you retain the receipt evidencing you returning of the products. The costs of returning are to be borne by you.

Please return to:

Deeple ApS,

Lyneborggade 13,2;

DK-2300 Copenhagen S.

Notice about making use of the limited return rights may be mailed to You may also make use of your return rights by refusing to accept the delivery of the products or by refraining to pick up the products at the postal office.

As a general rule, it is a condition for exercising your right of return that the products are returned in substantially the same condition as when delivered.

Making use of the limited return rights may also be done by using the following form(in Danish language) :

Rights of complaint

According to the Danish Act on consumer purchasing via the internet you are entitled to make use of your 24-months' right of complaint/warranty in accordance with article 8 of the said act.

You have to inform about your intend to make use of the right of complaint with reasonable time, which is considered to be max 2 months after the point in time when you have discovered a product error, flaw or deficiency. Information about errors, flaws or deficiencies can be sent to, after receipt of which a further process of action will be agreed between the parties.

Further, users are informed that they have access to file a complaint with the Danish authorities for any product bought via the internet from a Danish webshop. For further information about such options be referred to the updated info available at (in Danish language):



Law and Venue

Unless to the extent otherwise determined by mandatory legislation any dispute between you and Deeple is subject to and shall be finally determined at Deeple’ s legal venue and be subject to Danish law.


Deeple will normally use the email address you have designated for your account in the event Deeple would want to contact you.

Should you wish to get in touch with Deeple, you may use that mail address of the following that matches the reason for your approach:

General questions:

Limited return right, termination, complaints and technical questions:

You may also call DK phone: +45 23 93 45 46

Copenhagen, 10 November 2020 

Deeple ApS

Lyneborggade 13, 2

DK-2300 Copenhagen S

DK VAT Registration 33 58 60 19

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